NEW Healthy Harvest Pasta Sauce


Healthy Harvest® Pasta Sauce Reviews

We had the pleasure of partnering with to find out what their review squad members thought of our pasta sauce.
38/40 reviewers said they would recommend it!

Here is some of the feedback they shared:

“I really like the flavour and consistency of this sauce! The taste was superb.”
- J. Howard
“It was amazing, the taste is great and it tastes fresh, just like homemade pasta.”
- Alyssa J.
“I enjoyed the flavour and texture very much. My kids loved it too and that says quite a bit, as they are very picky eaters.”
- Mindy L.
“It was quick and easy to use. Just heat and serve!”
- Mary S.
“Delicious and good for you!”
- Georgina M.
“I very much enjoyed the flavour and texture of the sauce, it had enough of everything to be satisfying for everyone.”
- Juanita C.
“Easy to use, and as a mom, anything easy makes my life easy.”
- Lisa G.
“Great for pasta night, quick and easy.”
- Kimberly S.
“Healthy and tasty!”
- Kim M.
“The taste was great; I didn't feel like I needed to add anything. It was also very convenient.”
- Laurie M.
“The flavour was great, and the texture was perfect.”
- Kelli B.

Out of the reviewers who tasted the sauce, 100% of them said they would cook with it again, and 38 out of 40 said they would recommend it. Guess the secret to delicious pasta dinner really is the sauce!

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