NEW Healthy Harvest Pasta Sauce

Fresh Ideas with Pasta Sauce

We know you can't always afford to spend hours in the kitchen. That's why we pride ourselves on making our pasta sauce as fresh as possible, so your family can enjoy a meal that tastes homemade and is quick and easy to put together.

Pasta night isn't the only time we can help you put dinner on the table: by using Healthy Harvest® Pasta Sauce in fresh new ways, you can create a variety of different meals that are as simple as they are delicious!

> Fresh Meal Ideas

  • Vegetarian Enchiladas

    Vegetarian Enchiladas

    This version of a classic Mexican dish cuts down on a lot of the work but none of the flavour! This dish is sure to be a hit either at a pot-luck or a dinner at home.

  • Deep Dish Pizza

    Deep Dish Pizza

    Have some fun in creating the perfect pizza by using all of your family's favourite toppings in a creative & different way!

Fresh Ideas & Tips

  • Having trouble opening a jar of sauce?:

    Slip on your latex dishwashing gloves and try again: they'll help you get a better grip on the lid, making twisting it open easy as pie.

  • Cooking 2.0:

    Share some of your favourite fast and easy recipes with friends through email, and invite them to reply back with some of their own. Forward the list of recipe ideas along to others, so they can add to it, too. Or why not start a Facebook group and exchange ideas there?

  • Reheating is easy!:

    Did you know that you can keep leftover cooked pasta in the fridge for up to three days? First, toss it with a bit of olive oil before storing to prevent it from sticking together. To reheat, simply put it in a colander and place it directly into a boiling pot of water for one minute.

  • Cracker and chip revival technique:

    Spread soggy or stale chips and crackers on a baking sheet and bake for about 5 minutes at 300 F. Once they've cooled, store them in a sealed container. Remember: Healthy Harvest® Pasta Sauce makes a perfect dip!

  • Keep your cauliflower white:

    When cooking this white veggie, add a bit of milk to the water to help it retain its colour.

  • The best way to store celery:

    Wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the fridge. It'll keep for weeks!

  • Avoid sticky garlic!:

    When mincing garlic, sprinkle a bit of salt over it so that the pieces don't stick to your knife or cutting board. Easy but effective!

  • Maximize your lemons and limes:

    Microwaving them for 15 to 20 seconds before squeezing will help get more juice out.

> Did You Know?

  • Our fresh, homemade taste is made from sun-ripened tomatoes that are carefully selected to preserve the flavour nature intended.

  • A tomato is a fruit…not a vegetable! Regardless, the fresher the tomato, the tastier the sauce.

  • Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as lycopene, making them super healthy. Sounds like a great reason to add Healthy Harvest Pasta Sauce to your meals more often!

  • Healthy Harvest Pasta Sauce comes in four varieties: Tomato and Herbs, Tomato and Basil, Olive and Basil, and Vegetable Medley and we have both pasta and non-pasta recipe suggestions to try with each of them right here.